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Founder Speaker Series

Build Your Dream Business with the Support of People Who've Been There and Done That!


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Listen to how each of these founders got their start, and ultimately grew to become leaders in the hunting industry.


Learn HOW to raise capital, find your niche, build a kick ass brand, develop your product and bring it all to market!


Ask your business questions in a LIVE Q & A session with each of the founders in the speaker series, they're here to help YOU!

"Heather’s done a great job assembling a panel of speakers that include many big names from the hunting industry who are earning a good living at it now...I wish I had a resource like this 20 years ago."

Robby Denning
Rokslide Founder

18 Hours of Face Time with Founders Who are Living the Dream


You have questions on how to get it done, these mentors have THE ANSWERS to help you take the next steps on your journey.

You know you want to start a business (or simply grow the one you’re already operating), but you have NO IDEA what to do next.

If so, here’s your opportunity to learn from founders in the outdoor industry who are building BIG BUSINESSES with massive impact, massive audiences, and massive income!

Do you want your business idea to FINALLY come to fruition with the help and support of people just like you? Then the Founder Speaker Series is your chance to get the business mentorship you’ve been looking for.


What's holding you back?


Most people who dream of building their own business (and being their own boss) face one major obstacle that always keeps their dream out of reach.

That major obstacle…is fear.

There’s fear of the unknown.

There’s fear of economic uncertainty.

There’s fear about leaving a steady job.

There’s fear about the whole thing being a total flop.

There’s fear about wasted time, wasted money, wasted resources, and more.

You get fearful that all of your efforts will be for nothing, and that this idea you had just wasn’t meant to take off.

You fear that the market is already too saturated, and that there’s no room for you.

You get overwhelmed by how much work it’s going to take, or worse yet, you have NO CLUE where to even get started, so you don’t.

Does this all sound familiar?


What if you had support, and the know how to bring your business dreams to life?


What if you heard straight from the horse’s mouth what it takes to start building a business?

What if someone sat you down and said, “Hey, this is going to take a really long time, but it’s worth doing, because somebody out there needs your products and services. You don’t need EVERYONE to be your customer, you just need a few.”

What if you started TAKING ACTION TODAY towards building your dream business, and one year from now, you were SHOCKED by how much progress you had made?

What if you created a NEW REVENUE STREAM for yourself, that gave you the financial flexibility to take more time off, go on more trips, and invest more in the activities you love to do?


It's all possible for you...


...and these people, the speakers that are participating in the Founder Speaker Series, have already done it.

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Meet the founders who you'll be working with during the Founder Speaker Series...

Tuesday, May 4th |

Robby Denning of Rokslide

  • How to get started as a writer in the industry so you can start earning income from your craft.
  • The quickest way to gain credibility as a content creator.
  • Why you need to keep a long term perspective when building your brand.
  • Ways to turn your passion for hunting into a source of income.

Thursday, May 13th |

Chris Denham of Western Hunter

  • Starting humbly at $3.83 per hour to earn your stripes in the industry.
  • How to build a family of brands so you diversify your income streams.
  • The truth about investing in and buying existing businesses.

Tuesday, May 18th |

Tony Burlison of Dark Timber Coffee

  • Quit copying what everybody else is doing...find the opportunity that allows you to be first to market.
  • Find your niche and stay focused so you can consistently appeal to your core customer.
  • Simple factors to consider that will DRAMATICALLY impact your profit margins at the end of the year.

Thursday, May 27th | 

Brandon Waddell of Mountain Archery Fest

  • Allow yourself to be a multi-passionate entrepreneur so you can evolve over time.
  • The secret to building any business, no matter the industry.
  • What you need to know in order to successfully pull off an unforgettable event.

Monday, May 31st | 

Kendall Card of Black Ovis

  • What you need to know about finding the right co-founder.
  • Waiting for the right opportunity; what's the business opportunity worth pursuing?
  • How to succeed in the retail game with an e-commerce strategy.

Tuesday, June 8th |

Steve Speck of EXO Mountain Gear

  • Have the discipline to focus on ONE product so you can grow sustainably and profitably.
  • Leveraging content marketing to grow a devout and loyal customer base.
  • Building relationships with your vendors to support your business growth.

Thursday, June 17th |

Lorenzo Sartini of goHUNT

  • Challenging yourself to think BIGGER so you can build a bigger business.
  • Raising capital to start + raising capital to grow your business.
  • Why you should have a multi-faceted platform to create more opportunities.

Tuesday, June 22nd |

Beau Martonik of East Meets West Outdoors

  • Why you should build a personal brand while keeping your day job.
  • How to manage your time so you can be consistent for your audience.
  • Getting started TODAY with revenue streams that build over time.

Monday, June 28th |

Brian Call of Gritty Bowmen

  • How to build an audience that likes, knows and trusts you.
  • Ignoring your insecurities so you can create and release content that YOU stand behind.
  • Managing brand partnerships to maintain your autonomy, creative leverage and opportunities.

Tuesday, July 6th |

Kevin Timm of Seek Outside

  • How to take a product from concept to market.
  • Why you would want to manufacture your own products and own your production.
  • Building a multi-millionaire dollar business that still allows you to go play outside.

Thursday, July 15th |

Ryan and Hilary Lampers of Hunt Harvest Health

  • Why you should develop a suite of products that fit within your brand; from events to physical products to digital products to affiliate commission and beyond!
  • Going all in as a family; what you need to do to financially insulate your loved ones.
  • Balancing your personal brand with your business, and creating opportunities for both.

Monday, July 19th |

Dustin Diefenderfer of MTNTOUGH

  • Curating an impeccable brand that your audience can count on.
  • The secret to generating email leads so you can grow your membership.
  • Why website conversion rates deserve your undivided attention.
  • What to offer your clients for an undeniable value with your membership site.

But Wait...There's More!

Because we REALLY want to see you succeed, we've added these bonus sessions so you can take action on your business idea. These bonus sessions will be high touch and high impact, so bring your pen and paper and be ready to get to work!

Tuesday, July 13th |

Jeff Bynum of Financial Outfitters Group

  • How to come back from financial ruin and get more financially savvy than ever before.
  • Why building a business is the BEST way to build wealth over a lifetime.
  • How to diversify your portfolio so you can stop trading time for money and start working for yourself.

Thursday, July 22nd |

Heather Kelly of Heather's Choice

  • Getting over your fear of SELLING and focusing on being of SERVICE.
  • Holistically looking at your business to find where you can be of the highest contribution.
  • Consciously choosing how you want to represent yourself, your business and your brand, so you can influence how you're perceived in your industry.

Let's Get Started!

Your business won't build's time to dive in, learn from people who are DOING IT. Invest in yourself and take MASSIVE action to build a business that supports you, your family, and the people you invite into the company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Meet Your Host

Hey! My name is Heather Kelly and I'm the founder and CEO of Heather's Choice®. I started my business in 2014 with not a dollar to my name. I didn't know ANYTHING about business structure, margins, team building, fundraising, nah-dah!

Over the last seven years, despite being a total dummy when I started, I've raised over $1,000,000 in funding, Heather's Choice is now available in stores across the country, and we own ALL of our manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing. It's pretty rad what we've accomplished!

I'm passionate about helping others bring their business ideas to life, so I hope you'll choose to join me for the EPIC one of a kind event!

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